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atelier LUMA is a programme of the LUMA Foundation. It is a think tank, a production workshop and a learning network developed as part of the new creative, production and research center currently under construction in the city of Arles, located in the Camargue region in the South of France.

Based at the Parc des Ateliers in Arles, atelier LUMA creates new and sustainable ways of using the natural and cultural resources of the bioregion. From agricultural waste recycling to the promotion of traditional craft, as well as facilitating transdisciplinary exchange between innovative creators, atelier LUMA aims to develop long-term solutions for local issues with global resonance. Central to their approach are the greater implementation of circular economic practices, the engagement with the environment and the community alike, using design as a tool for transition.

The call for submissions for atelier LUMA's designers in residence in 2018 is now open and the deadline for applications is January 5, 2018.

Since its creation in 2016, atelier LUMA has carried out multiple projects based on six strategic themes: Waste Matters; Healthy Mobility; Next Hospitality; Food Society; Producing (in) the City and Circular Education.

Designers, architects, engineers, researchers and other practitioners from all over the world are invited to submit research proposals that can benefit from the know-how and expertise of atelier LUMA.

Proposals should present innovative directions for engagement with local resources and assets, and can range from materials research to social services and impact. Proposals should also outline a research direction and a preferred topic of engagement, with the understanding that atelier LUMA will act as a mediator in the region, connecting designers with local partners and resources, and assisting the research grantees during all steps of their project development.

Grantees will be expected to conduct a one year research with a flexible period of residence in Arles. In addition to a designer fee, the recipient will receive an allowance to realise their project (subject to scope of proposal).

Submitted proposals should take in consideration the following criteria:

1. Environment
Is the project respectful of the environment? Is it low-footprint?

2. Use of local resources
Does the project make use of local resources, both material and human? Does it have the potential to foster economic development in the region?

3. Hospitality
Does the project promote a humble, respectful and inclusive attitude? Does it promote excellence in quality and service?

4. Culture and Education
Does the project encourage the discovery and / or use of new skills, or the rediscovery of traditional ones? Does it promote the sharing of knowledge? Does it employ diverse / new ways of making and manufacturing?

5. Innovation and excellence
Does the project foster partnerships and business opportunities of an innovative kind? Does it promote excellence in all its outcomes? Will it create a positive impact on the city and the region?

About the atelier LUMA research grants
The atelier LUMA research grant promotes the development of innovative strands of design research in context of the city of Arles and the Camargue region. Grantees work in residence in Arles for a period of up to one year, working in tandem with the atelier LUMA team and its extended network of local partners, contributing to the transformative action this initiative will have on the area.

15 November 2017
Launch of the open call

5 January 2018
Applications due

30 January 2018
First round of selection

15 February 2018
Official announcement of the first round of 15 selected projects

15 March 2018
Meeting with successful candidates

15 April 2018
Research grant selected candidates announced

LUMA days - May 2018
Official announcement of the 5 selected projects