Social Club #7 - III+1
Free on registration / 6pm

  • Flashback - Algaetype workshop

    From July 9 to July 12, the workshop “Algaetype: Materializing the landscapes of the Camargue through organic photography” took place in Arles and its region. Conceived by Atelier Luma and the National School of Photography (Arles) and supervised by experts... Read more
  • Monthly Review #1

    — Hidden Labor and the Delight of Otherness: Design and Post-Capitalist PoliticsBy Tom Holert | E-flux | June 2010 Written by the art historian, writer, curator and artist Tom Holert, this article questions the meaning of design and its place in... Read more
  • Studio #4 / Algaetype - Materialize the Camargue territory through organic photography

    The National School of Photography, Arles, and Atelier Luma invite you to take part in the Algaetype photography workshop. Created by Kristof Vrancken, the Algaetype experimental photography process uses algae to design paper and extract pigments. Over the course of 4... Read more
    Kristof Vrancken
  • Flashback - Atelier Luma at Design Miami/ Basel

    The Design Miami event based in Basel, Switzerland, is a global design forum. This fair brings together many of the most influential collectors, gallery, designers, curators and critics of the design culture. This year, from June 11-17, 2018 Atelier Luma... Read more
  • Algaetype - Workshop pre-research

    The next days, Kristof Vrancken, professor and experimental photographer, is in residency at Atelier Luma. Specialist of the anthotype process—which consists in creating a picture from photosensitive components present in some plants—he came to experiment it with a brand new... Read more
  • Conference "Living with rising water"

    Climate and the geographical environment are the most basic elements in terms of how people live and basic to the issue of hospitality. In the wake of a rising global interest for resilient cities and water management issues related to... Read more
  • Flash back on Atelier Luma at the Milan Design Week

    The pavilions project presented at the Milan Design Week began with a question launched by WeWork during the first Luma Days in May 2016. Can a global business use local knowledge and resources in high volume whilst remaining economically competitive? After a... Read more
  • Milan Design Week - April 17–22

    On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, Atelier Luma will present a selection of projects at Palazzo Clerici, a historic building located in the heart of Milan which is occupied by HAY for this edition of the Design Week,... Read more
  • Masterclass «Living with rising water»

    In the wake of a rising global interest for resilient cities and water management issues related to human habitat, and building on “Jean Prouvé, the better days” exhibition, Atelier Luma initiates a masterclass on floodproof demountable architecture and self construction. ... Read more
  • Q&A - Studio Klarenbeek & Dros

    The questions and answers below were the conceptual basis of the exhibition Qu’est ce que le design? (What is Design?) at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais de Louvre in 1972. Questions by Madame. L. Amic, answers by Charles and... Read more
  • Social Club #2

    The second edition of Atelier Luma’s Social Club took place on January 25th, during which designer Coralie Gourguechon presented her project “Paper Electronics”. As findings show that 50 million tons of electronic waste is created every year, the project conducts... Read more
  • Q&A - Thomas Vailly

    The questions and answers below were the conceptual basis of the exhibition Qu’est ce que le design? ( What is Design? ) at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Palais de Louvre in 1972.  What is your definition of ‘Design’? Designing is... Read more
  • The Atelier Luma's Whatsapp group

    From the start, Atelier Luma was founded with the ambition to become a far-reaching network of individuals, some of which in Arles and the Camargue region, but many of them located in various other places in Europe and the world.... Read more
  • Atelier Luma x DATABIT.ME

    Hackathon with Festival #7 2017 guests in collaboration with our designers in residency, Coralie Gourguechon (Paper Electronics project) Thibault Brevet (Fitting Stones project) and Jesse Howard (Table of Content project). The idea? Try to play music on a paper synthesizer with... Read more
  • John Thackara

    John Thackara is a British-born writer, advisor and public speaker who uses his international travel experiences to inform his work on sustainable design and development. Over the past decades he has immersed himself in varying contexts where he’s met and... Read more
  • Acting in ecological solidarity

    Although Atelier Luma is guided explicitly by practices of making, meeting people and exchanging ideas, we are also guided implicitly by more abstract concepts and theoretical frameworks. One of these is “ecological solidarity,” a novel concept with a local origin... Read more
    © Florent Gardin
  • Flash back on the European Heritage Days at Atelier Luma

    Following the discovery of our work space and our production tools, the 17th of September 2017 our visitors had the chance to attend a participatory workshop with three Atelier Luma designers in residence. Thomas Vailly, Thomas Pausz and Gardar Eyjolfsson... Read more
    © Hervé Hôte
  • Designer profile: Karlijn Sibbel

    Since the end of July, Atelier Luma has been hosting creative researcher and designer Karlijn Sibbel, who is visiting us from the Netherlands in order to continue researching and experimenting with Camarguaise salt. Karlijn is currently pursuing a double master’s program... Read more
  • Design with the seasons

    Designer Antoine Boudin has been working within the context of Provence for more than ten years, mainly researching the potential of the local canne. We caught up with him to understand better the project he is developing in the context... Read more
    © Cerise Doucède
  • An excursion to Tour du Valat

    On the 30th of June, some members of the Atelier Luma team went on an excursion to the site of Tour du Valat, a local research institute for the conservation of Mediterranean wetlands and one of our main collaborators. The... Read more
    © Atelier Luma
  • Creating knowledge "Made in Griffeuille"

    Answering our questions over email in the aftermath of the Luma days, cultural activist Lucia Babina discusses the inception, discoveries, and future of one of Atelier Luma’s most socially-minded projects, Griffeuille Food Circle.  — Can you share your thoughts on the... Read more
  • Looking back on the Luma days​

    The week of May 22-27 brought the first edition of Luma days to Parc des Ateliers. Luma days is a public engagement platform located at the intersection of art, design, technology, activism and ecology that brought together a wide array... Read more
  • About a bright blue powder

    On the lead-up to the first Atelier Luma open house, one of the most fascinating displays is the one set up for the Algae Lab project. Here, amidst the buzz of busy 3D printers and bubbling vials, designer Maartje Dros,... Read more
  • OS Workshop

    In anticipation of Atelier Luma’s public opening during the first edition of Luma days, the space at the Mécanique Générale has been given new life and sense of cohesion. The Atelier Luma workshop has been furnished with a series of... Read more
    © Florent Gardin
  • A visible archive of productions

    Yesterday morning the Table of Contents arrived at the Mécanique. We sat down with Jon Stam of Commonplace Studio, one of the designers of this novel interface for the Atelier Luma digital archive. — How was this project conceived?  Simon de Bakker... Read more
    © Florent Gardin
  • What's in a grain of salt?

    The Salt workshop, a programmatic collaboration between Atelier Luma and Dutch architect Eric Geboers, has concluded today. Designers and architects from Israel, the Netherlands, Italy, France and the United States worked together for five days, experimenting with salt through the... Read more
  • Examining the sandstone

    Hélène Degand, an industrial heritage expert, visited the Mécanique Générale in the week before Luma days to provide further insight into the history of the Parc des Ateliers. She spoke with Brynjar Sigurðarson to discuss the details of the approximately... Read more
  • Visions of the Camargue

    In collaboration with the Colour Geographies project, local photographer Jean Emmanuel Roché has opened his archive of stunning images of Arles and the Camargue wetlands, and allowed us to unveil to a wider audience some of the stunning snapshots he... Read more
    © Jean Emmanuel Roché
  • Atelier Luma at Offprint

    On the occasion of the 2017 Fuorisalone, during this year’s Milan Design Week, Atelier Luma first presented itself to the public, on a celebratory occasion that took place at the Offprint independent publisher’s book fair, at Atelier Clerici. On the evening... Read more
  • DAE student workshop

    The Colour Geographies project was kicked-off by a group of students from the Design Academy Eindhoven, mentored by Henriëtte Waal and Brecht Duijf from BuroBelèn. The group visited Arles and the Camargue, exploring the region’s colour palette, tales and potential. Through... Read more