, Atelier Luma

Flash back on Atelier Luma at the Milan Design Week

The pavilions project presented at the Milan Design Week began with a question launched by WeWork during the first Luma Days in May 2016. Can a global business use local knowledge and resources in high volume whilst remaining economically competitive?

After a series of workshops, in collaboration with Cookies, to further investigate this issue four pavilions came up. These pavilions will display a selection of Atelier Luma's projects developed from the use of Camargue's natural resources to create sustainable and innovative materials such as biopolymer or biolaminate.

The pavilions will be assembled in situ according to a modular design principle (III+1, Lukas Wegwerth) and covered with biomaterials produced by Atelier Luma. Designed as an overview of the Arles lab, Atelier Luma's proposal will bring to light the work that has been undertaken for the past two years around federative projects, using design as a tool for transition to enlarge the possible uses of resources and waste from the bioregion. This social and circular design initiative thus promotes new means of production that rely on local know-how and combine craftsmanship and technology.