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Atelier Luma - Algae Summit : Due to exceptional situation regarding the Covid-19 virus, Luma Days #4 and Algae Summit are postponed. More information will be communicated later.

How can algae-based initiatives be a tool for transition towards a bio-based and circular society? What is the potential of algae for technological, environmental and social benefits? How can we avoid that the growing algae industry follow an only-profit based and extractivist logic?

Atelier Luma is pleased to announce its first international summit dedicated to algae that will take place on May 27 to 28, 2020, as part of the fourth edition of the Luma Days, the annual forum for art and ideas in Arles.

Gathering practitioners, policymakers and institutions with various expertise fields, the Algae Summit will explore the multiple narratives, representations and potentials of algae and research the whole value chain of algae-based activities.

Within these 2 days of keynote lectures, break-out sessions, exhibition, and workshops, new research perspectives will be exposed and future scenarios for production, alternative economies and social development will emerge.

By building this transdisciplinary and critical knowledge platform, Atelier Luma wants to encourage a new reading of our environment through the (re)valorization of the living world in our anthropocenic era.

Started in 2017, Atelier Luma is the design research program of the Luma Arles. Within Atelier Luma, the Algae Platform is researching the potential of local-grown algae for applications in design and architecture through a territorialized approach. Started as a bio-laboratory in Arles, the project evolved in a transnational platform with iterations in Cairo, Istanbul, Sardinia and London and gathered an extensive network in the field of algae and biomaterials.

Through the evolution of the Algae Platform, Atelier Luma observed that recurrent challenges arise in different locations and that solutions to complex situations cannot be found within one field of expertise only. The Algae Summit will offer a place for exchange of knowledge and experience around algae, linking local expertise to global challenges, engaging actors in the Big Picture of the algae industry and questioning sustainability at all levels.

Who will attend the Algae Summit:

- Algae farmers and producers
- Technology providers for algae cultivation, harvesting, and processing
- Researchers and academics working on algae cultivation and applications
- Environmental experts, ecologists, biologists
- Architects, designers, artists and makers
- Philosophers, sociologists
- Starts-ups and companies in the fields of agriculture, urban farming, biomaterials, energy, bioremediation, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, food
- Lawyers and policymakers
- Financial investors
- Institutional actors

How to attend:

The participation to the Algae Summit will be on invitation only. If you would like to request an invitation, please send an email to algaeplatform@luma-arles.org mentioning your company and expertise in relation with the themes of the Algae Summit.

When: Wednesday 27 & Thursday 28 May
Where: La Mécanique Générale

Words by Marie Pradayrol