Sunflower Entreprise

Focusing on the transformation of bio-matter, this project explores the potential of sunflower leftovers to create new applications and prototypes embedded in sustainable, innovative production systems.

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Can waste become an alternative source of income?

Sunflowers are commonly farmed to produce oil, seeds or bio-fuel. After pressing the oil out, a part can be used as animal feed but most of the crop goes to waste. The stalk’s foamy structure, the strong fibre of the bark or the flower’s dark brown proteins are left behind. These agro-wastes can be valuable resources to produce novel biomaterials.

With the scientific expertise of regional partners, this project uses sunflower leftovers to create new applications and prototypes embedded in sustainable production systems. Entering the realm of bio-plastics, a vast number of applications of what was previously considered waste becomes possible: from a tiny bolt to a large insulation panel, from a bio-board to an iPhone case.

// Years of research : 2017/2018/2019

Project team

  • Henna Burney | Product Designer / Project Manager, Atelier Luma

    Arles, France

  • Antoine Rouilly

    Associate professor, Laboratoire de Chimie Agro-industrielle (INRA/INP-ENSIACET)

    Toulouse, France

  • Philippe Evon

    Research Engineer, Laboratoire de Chimie Agro-industrielle (INRA/INP-ENSIACET)

    Toulouse, France

  • Thierry Fourgeaut

    Domaine de L’Armelière

    Arles, France

  • Thomas Vailly


    Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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