Reed textile

This project pushes the possibilities and outcomes of wild reed use, while respecting natural cycles and local customs involved.

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How can we explore local reed craft traditions in a way that helps reinforce a durable practice?

Thriving in the marshes of the Camargue, reed – called sagne, in local French – is a wild plant with a long-standing tradition of winter harvest. It has long been used in a variety of ways, woven and patched together to thatch roofs, make fences and blinds that shield from the sun, the wind and the rain. The Reed Textile project recognizes the genuine potential of this raw material for further development. The rooted knowledge and methods of local craftsmen structure this research, which addresses the timely relevance and innovative ability of this traditional practice.

Promoting material and technical research, the project aims to develop variations and new takes on what has been produced locally so far, respecting the seasonality of harvest and the natural plant cycle. Building further on the existing production facilities helps to uncover the full potential of the reed mats. A textile design methodology and the techniques of linking, stitching and weaving the reed together are being experimented. As a flexible unit, it can be transformed by stacking, folding, binding, curling, twisting, cutting, hanging, and rolling the reeds resulting in a range of functional and open-ended objects to be used both in- and outdoors.

// Year of research : 2017

Project team

  • Clara Vankerschaver

    Designer, KASK HoGent

    Ghent, Belgium

  • Nicolas Prévot

    Reed harvester and supplier, Les Roseaux du Midi

    Vauvert, France

  • Xavier Perret

    Mat producer, Groupe Perret

    Saint-Gilles, France

  • André Calba

    Mat producer, Trésor de Camargue

    Aimargues, France

  • Daniel Benibghi

    Basketmaker, Vannerie l'Oseraie

    Vallabrègues, France

  • François Mesleard

    Tour du Valat

    Arles, France

  • Hugo Fontes

    Botanist, Tour du Valat

    Arles, France


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