Dust of Alpilles

This project examines the potential value enhancement of residual dust coming from Alpilles' limestone extraction and which currently remains unused.

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Can we create stone with the help of new production process?

The stone quarry of Sarragan (Baux-de-Provence, Alpilles mountains) is the last underground stone extraction site of the Camargue region. From the extraction to the sawing and the cutting of the stone blocks, the quarry operations generate an important volume of dust (around 40% of the extracted stone).

Dust of Alpilles explores the “recycling options” for this local natural resource.

To this end, the project decided to gather designers and developers of new production processes. Thanks to their sound knowledge of 3D printing, the latter were able to create molds in which they would drip a mix of water, quarry dust, plaster, lime and eco-friendly cement. This innovative process can be used to create all kinds of objects.

// Years of research : 2017/2018

Project team

  • Florent Carasco


    Arles, France

  • Michelle Magere


    Arles, France

  • Olivier Houdusse

    Materials engineer

    Arles, France

  • Célia Picard


    Montpellier, France

  • Hannes Schreckensberger


    Montpellier, France

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