Paper electronics

This project seeks an alternative to the throwaway mentality that generates fifty million tonnes of electrical household waste every year. 

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Is it possible to change the way we manufacture electronic devices by anticipating issues of longevity?

The project conducts new explorations on issues of waste and object longevity. The goal is to reduce the quantity of materials used, to facilitate their reuse or recycling, and to create quality objects.

Starting from the fundamental element of any electronic device – the circuit – this project reconsiders the object from the surface within. Combined with the paper, the electronic circuit gains structure and a flexible quality. 

The unusual alliance of these two seemingly disparate elements generates translucent, poetic lighting devices that explore the full potential of their components. Playing with folds, light, and air, the paper electronics open new possibilities for users and makers of traditional appliances.

Project team

  • Coralie Gourguechon


    Marseille, France

  • Thierry Djenizian

    Head of Flexible Electronics Department, Center of Microelectronics in Provence

    Gardanne, France

  • Genes Ink

    Conception et production d'encres conductrices

    Rousset, France

Project perimeter